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Welcome to Wisdom 4 Wellness. We are here to help you step beyond surviving life to thriving in it, with a level of vitality that sees you bouncing out of bed happy to greet each new day with enthusiasm.

But what is Wisdom and what is Wellness?

Wisdom is defined as “the ability to use your knowledge and experience to make good decisions and judgements. – Cambridge Dictionary

Wellness is an active process of becoming aware of and making choices toward a healthy and fulfilling life. “…a state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being, and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.” – The World Health Organization

And yet in our modern world much of what we know to be traditional wisdom is at odds with what is perceived to be modern wisdom. Its become very confusing, everyone has an opinion on what you should do, based on what worked for them, or a generalised snippet they read on Facebook. When it comes to individual health and wellness, only one thing stands true: We are all unique in every way and we need to find the things that work for us personally, that allow us to achieve, maintain and enjoy wellness.

Wellness is  about optimising vibrancy, energy, mental alertness, a strong and supple body, healthy sleep patterns, an enjoyment of wonderful healthful food without fear of obesity. Its positive friendships and relationships, a sense of purpose to your day, gratitude and happiness, a lifestyle that can be maintained well into your 90’s and beyond. In short wellness is complete wellbeing!

Sometimes the wellness journey is about recovering from a health crisis, a personal crisis or the results of a time crisis: as in I’m too busy to look after this one body that I have for this lifetime …………

For others it’s about looking the rest of your life squarely in the eye and saying ‘I hope you’re ready for me because I’m sure as hec ready for you!!’

Whether is about recovering from illness, restoring optimal wellness or being proactive about healthy aging; your health coach will step you through the process of finding your own personal version of ‘Wisdom 4 Wellness’.

Fiona Ward Gregory

Certified Integrative Nutrition and Health Coach

What are the wellness objectives?

Understanding which foods allow you to thrive and which ones to leave behind

Knowing your dietary needs for effortless weight management

Optimal absorption of necessary macro and micro nutrients

A healthy gut, good digestion and a balanced microbiome

A robust immune system which protects and heals quickly when there is sickness or injury

Adequate quality rest and relaxation

A strong and supple body

A clear and active mind

Planning for healthy aging and balanced hormones

A balance of career, relationships and self

Genuine happiness, contentment and joy

Fun, frivolity and freedom


Fiona's Story

“From time to time I’d get a bee in my bonnet and tidy up my eating and exercise, lose some weight and feel better, but in time life would get in the way and I’d find myself right back at square one. I wasn’t really sick but I certainly didn’t feel well, energised and truly happy.

Then three defining and life changing events happened and my journey into health coaching began.......”

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