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Chop, Chop - 5 Minute Food Prep!

Updated: Jul 12, 2019

Here is a super simple 5 minute food hack that will help you put together dinner, lunch on the run, soups, stir fry and more in no time.

This one I call Sunday Chop, because you guessed it, I put it together on Sundays. I got the idea from the bags of kaleslaw and stir fry vegetables available in the supermarkets which were super handy but I wanted fresher ingredients, I didn't want the packaging or the waste as the bought version seemed to go off in a few days.

The key is to a make a bulk batch and keep it in a plastic container in the fridge with no dressing. It will last 7-10 days easily when you start with fresh ingredients.

Handy shredded veg for salad, stir fry or soup

Finely shred all the ingredients either by hand, food processor or mandolin. Remember no dressing, just naked veg!

1/2 wombok - Asian cabbage

1 bunch of kale - de stalked

1/4 red cabbage

2 red capsicums

3 carrots

4 stalks of spring onions

1 handful of snow peas

This takes me about 5 minutes and makes enough for 2 people for a bit over a week.

Here's how we use it:

In the lunch box for a salad, just add chicken, tuna or egg and keep a bottle of dressing

in the fridge to add when you eat it so its nice and crunchy and fresh.

In a stir fry, cook off your protein and throw in a couple of handfuls of chop just before you serve, it cooks in no time.

In Asian style soups, add to chicken broth with shredded chicken, turmeric, cumin, coriander, chilli a dash of lime juice and fish sauce even some coconut milk. Add a handful of the chop at the last minute for some healthy low carb crunch.

Try making mini fritatas for the lunch boxes. Put a portion of chop in the bottom of muffin pans, add a couple of pieces of roasted sweet potato, pour over your egg mix, grated cheese on top; done! Great for quick lunches or to warm up for dinner on hectic nights.

Our parrot gets a handful each day for his veg fix, and if it happens by the end of the week that there is a little left or its getting a bit stale it either goes into a vegetable stock or we steam it and blend it through the dogs food. We simply never throw any out - ever!

This size batch costs me around $11 and compares to 5 bags of the bought kaleslaw which while it does have some seeds and a pouch of sugary dressing didn't seem to last well and we were often throwing it out and wasting it.

Try for your self and see what other clever ways you can find to save time, money and your health!


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