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Delicious Green Curry Paste - Ditch the Jars

Zesty and Delicious Thai Green Curry .Photo by Dana DeVos

Thai is one of the most delicious and healthy cuisines from around the world, no wonder it's also super popular. BUT if you are opting for convenience and using condiments and ingredients from a jar you may get more than you bargained for.

Things liked jars of ginger and garlic paste have almost always been sourced from China with its less than stellar lack of regulation over farming practices and use of chemicals, but their Human Rights record shows that many political prisoners are forced to peel garlic etc for up to 16 hours a day. On top of that the contents of the jars usually show the use of sulfur based preservatives and guar gum. The preservatives in particular are notorious for causing reactions such as severe headaches.

Even the Australian (Sunshine Coast) tubes of herbs such as coriander and lemongrass contain quite a few ingredients their fresh counterparts don't require such as whey, xantham gum and acidity regulators. Unprocessed is always best and if it has more than 5 ingredients, re think your choice.

The bought pastes for the curry base are a little less sinister in terms of preservatives but contain seed oils such as sunflower and canola which are inflammatory and should be avoided.

This delicious green curry paste can be whizzed up using a small food processor or immersion blender and will keep in the fridge for a few days or in the freezer for up to a month.

Home made Paste

4 green cayenne pepper chillis, deseeded and chopped

6 lemongrass stems , trimmed and finely chopped or used lime zest

2 tbsp galangal , grated if you can't get it substitute for ginger

5 cloves garlic , chopped

4 shallots finely sliced

2.5 tsp dried shrimp paste (Belacan)

2 tsp lime zest , grated

1 tsp ground coriander

1 tsp ground cumin

1/4 tsp white pepper

1/4 tsp turmeric

2 tbsp chopped coriander/cilantro root and stem (Note 5)

1/4 cup coriander / cilantro leaves , loosely packed

2 - 3 tbsp water , as needed

And now for the curry, but I'm sorry I never measure this, I just "guesstimate".

For a delicious Thai green curry simply saute off some chicken or prawns in the paste, add some home made chicken stock, full fat coconut cream, assorted chopped Asian veg like or keep it simple with Asian eggplant, snow peas and some bean sprouts, coconut sugar - just a little, fish sauce, finely scissored Kaffir lime leaves and finish off just as you serve with fresh basil and a squeeze of lime juice and garnish with some crushed peanuts or slivered almonds. If you like a little more of a zesty zing to your curries, I often add a little tamarind paste

About noodles and rice, depending on your own preferences curries are often served with noodles or rice. I don't personally eat grains but if you want to bulk a curry up with some low carb grain free noodles I like konjac noodles from Slendier, they are even cheaper and more convenient if you buy on line. https://slendier.com/product/slendier-noodles/

Once you've made most curries from scratch you'll appreciate just how worthwhile the little bit of extra effort is worth.

Bon appetite!


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