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Keto Smoothie - Low Carb Protein Boost

Updated: Jan 29

The two areas of greatest struggle when balancing a Ketogenic diet protocol is sufficiently restricting carbohydrates and meeting protein targets.

Quite often the unwitting casualty is the ever popular, easy go-to smoothie. The wonderful antioxidant properties derived from the polyphenols in colourful fruits and vegetables and their valuable pre-biotic fibres are so needed, but not if they turn straight into a carb overload and the cascade of health outcomes that triggers long term.

So here is a great balance of fruit, fibre and protein that will please the palate and fill you up.

I advocate Time Restricted Eating or Intermittent Fasting, so instead of breakfast this smoothie makes an appearance at lunch or for an easy, on the go energy boost.

Dietary Stats:

9g net Carbohydrates (Approx 30% of daily maximum)

27.2g Fibre (Approx 100% of daily minimum)

29g Protein (Approx 25% of daily minimum)

4.5g Fat

Gluten Free

Dairy Free


1 handful baby spinach leaves

1/4 cup blueberries

1/4 slice lemon or lime skin on

2 tbs Inulin Fibre - find it in health food stores or on iHerb

2 tbs *Collagen Powder (I like this one) or Organic Gelatine (Like this one from iHerb)

2 tbs Organic Hemp Seed Powder - I get mine in Aldi

1/2 tsp Monkfruit Extract

150ml Filtered Water

Blend and enjoy, the longer you leave this the thicker it will become.

If you want to save 10% on supplements etc through iHerb just use this friends and family discount code LFV495.

Here are some cool options you can include to mix it up, cocunut milk, chia seed, switch the berries for 1/2 a kiwifruit and add some mint. Top with some hemp heart,and coconut yoghurt.

*Collagen powder disolves easily into water, gelatine is essentially the same thing except that it's cooked and if mixing with cold liquids will retain its gritty texture and may also cause your smoothie to thicken if you don't drink it straigh away. In either case make sure you buy product which is sourced from organic pasture raised animals. Some collagen powders also contain marine sources so can be a slightly superior product, but if you are watching the pennies gelatine is fine.


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