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Pate - It's More Nosh Than Posh!

Updated: Feb 12

Pate is a cheap, easy, low carb and nutrient dense snack solution - 0h and it's a little bit posh

Granted, goose liver pate may be a little bit posh but good old chicken liver pate is quite rightly recognised as a super food. Good quality free range chicken livers, organic butter an onion and some garlic a pinch of herbs and you have one of the most delicious, nutrient dense super foods ever!!!

Liver is an amazing source of protein, B group vitamins especially B12, Vitamins A and E not to mention Folate, Copper, Iron and Choline for brain health.

Can I just say right here that as the wife of a Hungarian, I've come to love chicken livers. They are embraced as a staple for their nutrient values. We need to pay attention to our nutritional forebears - BIG bonus, this is as cheap as chips to make.

Chicken liver pate is a fabulous solution as a snack on seed crackers or seed bread, and a bonus for the low carb and keto advocates. Teamed with the healthy fibre, fats and proteins of the seeds pate is a quite hunger suppressant and much lower carb than hummus and similar dips or spreads.

Prep time : 5 mins

Cooking time: 15 mins


1 tbs extra virgin olive oil

500g of grass fed free range chicken livers

250g grass fed / organic butter

1 large onion

1 clove of garlic crushed

1 bay leaf or oregano/basil/rosemary/fresh herbs

1/2 tsp Himalayan salt

1/4 tsp cracked black pepper

Options: Reserve some butter to create a butter topping, add layers of glazed citrus, capers, pistachio, bone broth with added organic gelatin for a glaze.

Heat the oil in a wide pan or skillet and glaze the onion, garlic and herbs. Add the livers and cook through turning after 5 minutes. Add the butter and remaining ingredients until melted. Transfer to a tall container and blend with a stick blender. Transfer to your desired serving plate or container and refrigerate. It will set in about 20 minutes and keep for around a week.

Pate on cracker or bread are a great meal substitute or accompaniment to a hearty vegetable soup on a cooler evening.

A note on sourcing your chicken livers. There is a world of difference between the livers sourced from a regular butcher and free range livers from an organic butcher. Regular chickens are fed grains which have been sprayed with roundup and similar agri-chemicals. The livers from these sources are soft, fall apart and just don't suggest good health by their very appearance. By contract paddock reared or free range chicken livers with their exposure to green fodder, exercise and sunlight are firm, pink, clearly defined in their shape and taste totally different. It's a very small price difference but worth every cent.

Try this super food as part of your suite of health snack solutions. Check out our seed crackers as a perfect accompaniment.

Nutrition Facts: 1 Tbs

107 Calories

.6 grams Net Carbs

5 grams Protein

9.4 grams Fat

Glycemic load: .2


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