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Why Food Is The 6th Love Language

Updated: Jun 12, 2019

If you haven't already read Gary Chapman's wonderful book The Five Love Languages, can I highly recommend it to you? It will totally shift your marriage, family relationships and friendships for the better. His 5 Love Languages are Receiving Gifts, Quality Time, Words of Affirmation, Acts of Service and Physical Touch; and we each interpret the giving and receiving of love through one or a combination of those filters.

But I believe there is a 6th Love Language - Food!

Think about our relationship with food and how it permeates our entire lives. In our house there was chicken soup when we were sick, there was a hearty Sunday roast each week with the whole family, there was Nana's wonder apple crumble, cooking in the kitchen with my Mum when we were expecting dinner guests and every family gathering was an excuse to share, feast and sometimes over indulge. Partly the food, partly the fun of preparing food together and then the sharing of the actual meal.

So food makes us happy, reminds us of every past family gathering, wedding, birthday party or social event. In fact some of the signature dishes are regularly requested when we do gather, like Aunty Sharon's Trifle, or Nana's Pea and Ham Soup, a favorite dip or salad. Or just a favourite treat like fresh bread straight from the oven with butter and whatever ..... or that bowl of corn chips and dip at a party, icecream for desert.... or that choctop at the movies, you get the idea.

In fact many of us have emotional holes in our lives, or are just feeling low and seek to fill that void with these very same foods, trying to recreate those happy and satisfying connections. Who hasn't eaten beyond hunger looking to meet an an emotional need not a nutritional need.

So when a health or healing crisis occurs and we are told to radically change the way we eat, it's not too hard to understand why a huge internal struggle can take hold of us. "How will I live without ??????"

In fact the main reason people fail at dietary changes is not lack of will power at all, but lack of willingness to let go of those wonderful memories and connections, those moments of pure joy and love we experienced around that food.

But don't despair, their is a health substitute for just about any one of your happy foods. Sometime it's a swap for the whole food, other times it's simply an ingredient change. I like to call it "Switch Craft", the art of healthfully recreating the foods you love while retaining the "experience" the food brought you.

Here are just a few examples:

Raw dairy free cheese cakes made on avocado and coconut cream

Crumbing Schnitzel with Parmesan and and almond meal for a gluten free option

Chia pudding and fruit sorbet in place of icecream

Cauliflower rice for a low carb substitute

Seed crackers to have with the awesome guacamole

The main "road block" for may people is they just don't know what to switch out, what to switch in or how to prepare it. And that is where a health coach comes in, we can purge your pantry of the harmful foods, show you how to shop for better alternatives and then teach you how to prepare them.

And can I say as a mum of 6 and a Nana of 5, I think there is something intensely healing and nurturing about spending time in the kitchen together.

If that's something you think would help you, I have Full Day and part day Coaching Packages to help you Purge the Pantry of the old, teach you how and where to shop for the new and then show you how to prep the items you aren't familiar with. Who doesn't love a day of shopping and cooking right???


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